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D-DT Cross
A 15 x 11 1/2 inch medium wood cross painted and distressed and full tin background and a tin medaliion accented by a Mexican tile cross on the center.

15 x 11 1/2 inches. A med wood cross painted and distressed with a full tin background. Add a punched tin medallion and a Tile heart or Cross on top. One of my favorites!

Item# Item Name Qty Add
D-DT-01 D-DT Cross - Black
D-DT-02 D-DT Cross - Blue
D-DT-03 D-DT Cross - Green
D-DT-04 D-DT Cross - Lime
D-DT-05 D-DT Cross - Orange
D-DT-06 D-DT Cross - Purple
D-DT-07 D-DT Cross - Red
D-DT-08 D-DT Cross - Teal
D-DT-09 D-DT Cross - Turquoise
D-DT-10 D-DT Cross - White
D-DT-11 D-DT Cross - Yellow
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